Orchestra 1.13

September 22, 2020

Good morning, it’s such a pleasure to see you around for today’s release notes.

We know is a long time you didn’t hear from us, but as usual, you know that longer waiting means juicier features. This is actually the case for today’s release. We planned to release what you are going to see almost three weeks ago, for us quality is a priority, thus we decided it wasn’t ready, and invested all our energies to make something outstanding, I believe we made it, but I want to leave the final judgment to you, let’s see this together.


This is one of the biggest challenges we have had to face internally since we have been working in Orchestra. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to present a great complexity, but once analyzed this functionality has proved to be a very exciting challenge.

What we wanted to achieve with multi-locations, was to enable tasks to reference multiple positions. Prior to day tasks could only be associated with a single position, starting from this release this limit vanished.

Looking at the problem from the task perspective everything seems to be easily solvable. However, once you consider that from this update we also display the positions of tasks on the map, the challenge gets more interesting.

In fact, a situation can have one or multiple objectives. An objective can have one or multiple tasks. And a task can have one or multiple locations. It gets interesting!


We started out thinking about showing all this information on the screen, but it soon became clear that we would overload the end-users with an amount of information that was difficult to digest.

Orchestra wants to be a filter, it wants to highlight the content you need most at the time you need it most, and it seemed to us that going in the direction of showing everything was diminishing the efforts made in this direction.

Finally, we came to a solution that we think is simple and effective, in which we show the positions of the tasks of objectives associated with a specific situation when a user has selected the particular situation and when a user’s mouse is hovering a situation.

Map Situation Panel – Objectives

Multi Locations lead us to a redesign of the map situation panel. To properly support this new functionality it was necessary for the situation panel to provide more information about objectives and tasks.

We created a clean and structured new layout for the map situation info panel so that it’s easier to have a clear picture of what is going on.

Old Map
New Map

This opens up a new array of opportunities, we are imagining in the future you are going to be able to create and manage tasks directly from this screen. We want to hear your feedback and understand how you feel with this new incredible design.

Automatic Disconnection

Recently several of you have started to display Orchestra on the main screens populating your offices main hallways. Seeing Orchestra on these large screens directly in the main areas of your organization is a greats source of pride for us. We quickly realized that having an automatic disconnection system in this particular situation was a challenge rather than a relief for most of you. For this reason, we implemented a way to simply disabled for the account you use for such purpose. To use this feature you can open your profile and disable at your preference.

Message Deletion

Another big request we have been receiving for some time now was about the deletion of internal communication channels. We are pleased to announce that from this version it is finally possible to archive communication channels and ensure you always have a clean slate that includes only the channels you care the most about

Restructuring of report graphics

Thanks to your input we understood that the structure of the report view page wasn’t providing enough relevance to the main content, by laying out the page in an impractical way. This is the reason that led us to redesign the layout of the report page to distribute the right weights to the most important parts of the content.

In recent months we have continued the process of refining our solution, and we are happy to have further improved its stability. There are big changes on the horizon, and we look forward to presenting them to you.

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