Orchestra 1.10

May 14, 2020

Good morning to all of you, dear Orchestra users,

As you probably know by now, our team never stops working to make our dreams a reality. Our vision is turning day after day into the most efficient tool we could ever have imagined. We continue to add and refine our instruments to provide you the most sophisticated platform the industry can offer. Let’s walk together through some new exciting features that are going to help you in making a difference within your organization.


We know that managing inventory can be a very tedious and time consuming task. We have been working by your side since the very beginning to understand how Orchestra could make that process the smoothest possible.

Thanks to your support we understood that one of the most critical and time consuming aspects of inventory management is the process of stocking new items.

We are extremely proud and excited to share with you a new amazing piece of functionality that has just been added to our mobile applications. Both the iOS and Android applications now allow you to scan a QR Code of a specific item to start an inventory stocking process. Scanning a QR code will open a description of the item. At this point, it is possible to select which operation one desires to run on the specific item. As of today, only the stock operation is available. Selecting the stock operation we will start a small step-by-step process that will enable the user to select a warehouse and a quantity. Stocking items in your warehouse has never been faster!


We know our mobile applications are creating a huge load on battery life, especially when location tracking is active. This is the reason we continued our optimisation process to achieve better results. Our engineers have been investing a lot of time and energy to make this happen, but we are sure the result is going to please you. We started this optimisation on iOS, which is now available to download, and we’ll continue our work on Android and deliver the result as one of the next updates.


Our system is growing rapidly and your data along with it. Up until today every convocation you created remained visible on the main convocation screen. In the long run, this resulted in huge lists of undesired content.

To improve information readability we introduced the possibility to archive convocations. This makes the convocation screen lighter and easier to consume, and ensures the data you need is always one step closer to you.


We know that your organisation invites large number of users to the events you are operating on. Up until today, the User Selector was the only means to assign and/or remove users from/to an event. We have been observing this component reach its limit, especially when large numbers of users need to be selected for a specific use case.

It’s been a long time since we discussed this internally, but thanks to the input of Civil Protection Lugano Città we decided to make a step forward. Thanks for all your precious input Marco!

From today you can use a simple bulk assign interface that will allow you to rapidly move users from and to the event.


For a long time updating the operative state of a user was leveraging control on the event user list that we felt was out of place. Clicking the green/red dot on the left of the user never felt right; it wasn’t guiding the user to the functionality, and if one didn’t know about it, it was very difficult to discover. We decided to move the operative state selection to the new options menu we added recently, this improves the clarity of our solution, and helps our users to locate this feature in a blink of an eye.


The world is evolving at a rapid pace, security and privacy concerns over our digital data is a sensitive topic. We make great efforts to ensure our application grows to respect the latest standards. Beginning with this new release every user that is going to be added to the system is going to automatically receive an email with the username, password and url to log into the platform. A simple change that dramatically improves how sensitive data is shared.


For us, it is always fascinating to understand how each of our customers operates. Even working in similar domains everyone plans and operates with subtle differences. These different ways of approaching problem-solving needs to be supported by our solution in an elegant and intuitive way. We always think deeply about how we can make our solution the most flexible; it needs to be easy to use and adapt to each one’s needs.

We started the vehicle and item assignment to work with only users, then we have been asked to add groups, and soon after to assign items to vehicles. And finally, in this last release we are enabling items and vehicles to be assigned to a situation directly, we believe this change is going to take another step toward adapting as much as possible to every organisation’s needs.

We can’t wait to see what other extraordinary ideas will come

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