Vehicle Revolution – Orchestra 1.9

Enrico Bottani
Enrico Bottani
CTO of Orchestra
April 8, 2020

Good morning to all of you,

we deeply hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe in one of the most critical moments of our generation.

At W-Line Remote has always been part of our culture, we believe the world has no barrier and the power of the technology enables new ways of building products with the most creative minds on the planet.
In these challenging moments, we continue to push our selves forward, evolving our solution into what we believe will change the way your organization work. Together with you, we are going to create a new breed of applications, that will transform how technology and software merge with human beings. Today we have another key update to share with you, it closes a cycle, and opens the doors for some new exciting features to come.

These last two weeks have been spent updating the Vehicle module to reflect all the news introduced on the Item module and updating all the tables to consolidate the table row instrument interface. It was a long, tricky, but very important process. The results are staggering, the application interface feels much more cohesive, it’s easier to navigate, faster to approach, and just beautiful to look at.


All Vehicle-related form now uses the Dynamic Form, helping to understand which values are mandatory, and which are additional, and dramatically simplifying data insertion. The panels have also been simplified; modifying a vehicle opens directly the vehicle panel and not the model panel. We have been fixing and polishing the entire user experience. Creating a vehicle has never been this easy!

We renamed the concept of Vehicle Template, into Vehicle Model, which we believe makes much more sense. We also moved the Model(old template) menu directly into the side menu, this will avoid cumbersome unnecessary navigation clicks.

From the newly created Vehicle Detail Page we can easily assign/return users and groups from/to a vehicle. The detail page also allows setting an alert, like oil maintenance or a change of tires, for a vehicle.

As we did for the items, it’s very easy to set a Vehicle state to “needing maintenance” or “in maintenance” for example. Never again lose track of which vehicles need the most attention.

Finally, the vehicle page shows which items are contained in a vehicle if the vehicle has been assigned to some items.


On top of the Vehicle detail page we added the Garage detail page, this page shows a full list of the Vehicles available within that specific Garage.


With the objective of additionally simplifying the navigation across Orchestra, we updated all the tables to use the same buttons and the same structure.

You will now see every table use the combination OPTIONS | DELETE | EDIT | INFO | DETAIL as row option buttons.

The options button incorporates all these features that are not primary, and that are generally used with a lower frequency. All the other buttons’ functionalities are unchanged, we updated the graphics to provide a cohesive user interface/experience all across our application.

The options button also present a new interface to control data that has a state, like the Event, or the Situation. This menu provides context so that a user knows the current state. The devil is in the details.

Last but surely not least, our tables finally implements row clicks, this means that the main action of any table is accessible simply by clicking the row, instead of clicking the button. Another simple change, that will dramatically improve your navigation experience.


By mid-end April you can expect the first version of the iOS Warehouse Item Loader, this new interface will allow mobile users to easily scan an Item QR Code and load a certain number of items within a warehouse. Loading your warehouse has never been faster!

As anticipated we are now working on the new version of the blackbox, we started the implementation but still see work ahead. This is the reason we expect the next version of Orchestra, Version 1.10, to arrive ideally by the beginning of May.

We wish you and your loved ones to stay safe.

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