Enrico Bottani
Enrico Bottani
CTO of Orchestra
March 23, 2020


Unfortunately, this great challenge has struck us all in unexpected ways. We are aware that there are people among you who have loved ones in conditions we would never want to see. We are all close at the moment, naked in front of our destiny, but united as a species to face this challenge, together we can protect the weakest people. As has been said by our confederation, it is important to act, and not get carried away. If you see someone who has not yet understood what is happening, help them to understand, spread the knowledge, because there are many people who need help to understand that what is happening is not a joke.


In our own small way we can be proud to have developed a tool that according to the words of the commander of the Civil Protection Biasca and Tre Valli “is giving a real help” to support the management of this pandemic.


Today we are here to share with you some important news, let’s see them together.

We want to start with our mobile applications. It is with great pleasure that we want to announce that Orchestra is now distributed through the official iOS and Android channels, Apple and Google Play store. The journey that brought us here has been long and full of challenges, we can’t be more happy to make our applications available through a channel that all your users are used to.

You can find here the link for iOS and here the link for android (link also in copy).

If we used to distribute one application for each of us, now we have a generic one that works for everyone. This allows us to optimize our distribution processes, releasing a single update application instead of the dozens we released before has had a serious impact on our productivity.

Together with this distribution system we have completed our automated testing and distribution structure, we don’t want to bore you with technical details, but you only need to know that the quality of our products will only increase exponentially as we move forward.

The big news for you and your users is the “domain” field, which you will find at the top of the mobile applications login screen, here you will have to enter your domain prefix (XXX.orchestra.cloud).

This will allow you to uniquely identify yourself on your application.

For all those of you who already had access to the web app, but were waiting for mobile app access. This is the moment, the apps are ready to use, and we look forward to receiving your suggestions to make them even more powerful.

One simple way to install.
Simple and easy to find


We have long wanted to take our convocation system to the next level. We split this work into several stages and have just completed the first one, which is available starting now. The convocations, finally allows you to select the communication channels you want to use to send your invitations. In addition to allowing a personalized management of the communication channels Orchestra allows you to send FlashSMS, or category 0 messages that block the interface of the phone and force the user to confirm the reading to unlock the phone. We know that for many of you this was a very important request and we can’t wait to see what impact it will have on your institution.

You can select the standard method, which will give priority to push notifications (free) and will use SMS for those who have not yet registered with the applications. Alternatively you can select a combination of PUSH, SMS or Flash SMS, as you like. We want you to be aware that SMS and FlashSMS have an additional cost, thank you for contacting our team for any further information.

Flash SMS
Flash SMS


As you know, we are continuing to devote our time to improving the inventory system. In the last two weeks we have added the ability to manage suppliers with greater control. Suppliers now have a detail page showing all the transactions, or purchases, that we have made with them, the prices paid and the average reference price. In addition, when adding items to the warehouse it is now possible to select a supplier and the price paid, data that will build reference prices for our suppliers.

The inventory also allows you to set up a reason, among a number of reasons pre-configured by you, for taking an item out of service. This today is purely informative, but will soon allow us to make statistics and give you a complete picture of the most popular reasons why your material is wasted.

The third element we have focused on is the possibility to set a minimum value of a certain item within a certain warehouse. Through the warehouse detail page you can conveniently see the available stock in the warehouse, but more importantly you can now set a threshold below which the system will warn you if an item is missing. We have leveraged the alert system created in the previous iteration and adapted it to support this new condition. We are curious to hear your opinion on this.


While we were focusing on these important points, we found some time to continue to optimize and refine what already existed:

  1. Finally the map starts with the visible situations, moreover your selection will be available even when you reload the page…great small things!
  2. Even when you save a task from communication, internal or external, the priority will be considered.
  3. You can again filter the list of symbols, as we all expect.
  4. Adding a contact from external communication correctly updates the contact list in real time
  5. The list of situations in the map no longer shows the stored situations
  6. You can now select a personal objective when moving tasks from one objective to another
  7. It is now possible to archive a internal communication channel


We are starting these days to transfer everything we have learned and evolved in the warehouse into the vehicle module. The transition should happen rather quickly, if for the warehouse we had to spend a lot of time in design and analysis, for the vehicles we can reuse most of the concepts developed. That’s why we believe that within a few weeks, let’s say by the beginning of April at the latest you will have a shiny new version of vehicle management.

We have completed the black box study phase and our Chart is starting to bring the components from our code tablets to use by our engineers. We can’t wait to finish the work of the vehicles to start this fantastic adventure, we strongly believe that the new version of the black box, combined with the mention system, will give Orchestra, and you who rely on its capabilities, an extra gear to solve your challenges.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ch/app/orchestra-by-w-line/id1478160415?l=it

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.wline.orchestra

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