ORCHESTRA is the winner of Boldbrain Startup Challenge

Enrico Bottani
Enrico Bottani
CTO of Orchestra
December 8, 2019

ORCHESTRA has won the 2019 edition of the annual Boldbrain Startup Challenge, a program for innovative ideas that runs from August to December 2019. For that, we have received multiple prizes: A cheque worth CHF 40,000, a USI Executive MBA scholarship worth CHF 45,000, the Audience award worth another CHF 10’000 and much more.

The Boldbrain summit is the largest annual accelerator for the technology industry startups in Ticino. More than 400 people among which founders, advisors, investors and interested people gathered in Lugano for the award night the 4th of December in USI, to explore new advancements tech as well a getting inspired by pitches from the 10 BoldBrain finalist speakers.

Besides exhibiting, the startups had the opportunity to compete in the summit’s startup pitch completion, which brings together Switzerlands leading early-stage startups for a live onstage battle.

We couldn’t be more proud as three months of preparations and hard work went into this competition. In the end, we have outcompeted ten leading technology startups in the pitch competition at the summit.

As an early-stage SaaS startup, we developed a platform for the public safety industry (firefighters, civil protection, police, etc.), the public administration (civil engineering, urban services) and the private sector (electricity companies, construction, …). The platform helps these institutions to optimize workflows in emergencies, in daily operations, and their understanding of the territory, saving time and improving their effectiveness. It is a niche product and not just a B2C or B2B sales product. The industry, the sales cycle and the business model are very different from many other startups, we are pleased that the juries and the public have seen great value in our platform.

To take part and finally win it, many questions had to be answered like:

Is our idea addressing and solving a specific need or problem? And is the potential market big enough to create a sustainable company? Do we have a clear competitive advantage regarding our value proposition? We think we could show the experts in the jury and the audience that was present, that we can answer these questions with a sound YES, plus that we have sufficient skills and team to access to the next stage.

To bring the presentation to life and to manage the stage during the pitch was one oft he more significant challenges. The more we are happy to have won the Audience Award as well. It shows how much or solution resonates with so many people and their feedback that they see the value in it. As presented in our pitch to the audience Enrico Bottani envisioned the solution to shape the future of intervention management by helping Public Safety services and institutions to work more efficient.

We are happy to invest the prize money to empower the strength of this project so that together we can make this world a safer place.

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