Vehicle tracking in real-time!

November 13, 2019

Good morning everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since you received updates, but certainly not because we haven’t been hard at work on new important Orchestra features.

Today it is with great pride that we want to introduce you to two interesting updates, and one of the three final pieces of Orchestra 1.0.

The role panel has undergone a graphic and functional facelift, if before the creation and modification of a role was represented by a list of names and checkboxes, within the new version you will find a tidy, elegant and easy to understand table.

In addition to the new graphics, this new version automatically selects the mandatory access levels. As an example, if we enable the elimination of groups, the groups’ viewing permissions will be pre-configured automatically.

After the Exercise held last month with the collaboration of the PCi Biasca and Tre Valli we realized that the reports page still did not respect our needs for usability and practicality. In fact, we realized that during most of the redaction of a report, users were not interested in including their participants, let alone defining a category. For this reason, we have decided to make all this information optional and to hide it within a detailed menu.

Now the report creation page focuses the user’s attention on the writing of the report, later, thanks to the details panel, a user who wants it can enter the additional data.

We are sure that this will make the report creation process easier and more immediate.

The cherry on the cake this month is the arrival of one of the last three missing Orchestra 1.0 modules. The vehicles will, in fact, be released in their first version tonight with version 0.11.

The vehicle module allows you to track and manage a fleet of vehicles owned by the organization.

From today you can create Garage, a place where your vehicles will be stored. 

The vehicles feature allows you to create vehicle templates, this way you will ensure you won’t enter information about the most common vehicles used by your forces several times.

A vehicle can be easily assigned to one of your soldiers, and in a second phase returned. This process will create a history of the people responsible for using the vehicle.

This module will allow you to have a constantly updated overview of the vehicles available to your forces.

The silence of these last weeks hides a great job that is slowly being brought to an end. The supervision module (the map) is coming in its final stages of development and we look forward to presenting it to you. We ask you for a few more weeks of patience before you can see the maps finalized and together with the warehouse management module.

We wish you a great start to the week,

Team Orchestra

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