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Secure and realiable communication platform for rescue and public safety forces. Manage your workflows, share vital information, save lives.

Increase your efficiency

We help dispatchers, operations centres and emergency services to become more efficient throughout their alerting process and the day-to-day operations.

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Enable a better collaboration between your rescue forces and the control center. Streamline workflows on the territory and daily administration routines. Save time, operate effectively. Because every second counts when peoples life is at risk.

D'autres façons de simplifier votre travail

Task management

Task management

Monitor all the jobs you have assigned and follow the progress. This way, you are always aware of the current status and progress of all instructions.


ORCHESTRA provides a fully integrated, web- and cloud-based management system for reports. All processes can be easily documented and all the information is permanently stored.
Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking

With ORCHESTRA car tracking, you can check in real-time where your vehicles are and where they are going. This allows you to better manage any transport operations or tasks and to optimize processes.
Black Box

Black Box

With this function, all processes and operations are continuously and automatically logged, allowing an indelible detailed picture of the entire event resolution evolution.


We’ll help you reach your potential, optimise your performance and focus on your organisations, all in context of meeting the challenges of managing incidents.

Simplified Task Management

ORCHESTRA keeps everyone on the same page and simplifies time-consuming processes so work gets done faster, and better.

Real-Time Two-Way Communication

With one-to-one and group messaging you get faster responses, share files, and streamline all communication on the platform.


Reduce costs by moving to a SaaS model, with little IT investment.
Daniele Guscetti, Commander PCi 3 Valli

“With ORCHESTRA we‘re having the right management capabilities that effectively transformed our workflows and reduced all the manual work by 90%. ORCHESTRA helped our operation to be more efficient.”

Ready to Digitize Your Work- flows with ORCHESTRA?

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